What to Expect

Is your church wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Mississippi Street offers parking spots on the level of the main entry to the building.

What should I wear?

You will find some people dressed casually and some in their Sunday best. All are welcome!

Should I bring a Bible?

The Bible is the center of our teaching, so if you have one, bring it along. Several of our members use a Bible app on their phones, and you’re welcome to do that, as well. We have Bibles we'd be happy to loan you if you'd like, but you'll be able to follow along even without a Bible or phone. Pastor generally preaches from the English Standard Version in our services, but you will find a variety of good translations being used by the congregation as they follow along. When we have a responsive Scripture reading, it is provided in the bulletin so that we're all "on the same page!"

Will I be asked to give money?
No! While we do take an offering during our Sunday services so that our members have an opportunity to worship through giving, we never appeal to our guests for money.

How long do your services last?
The Bible Study hour on Sunday morning begins at 9:30 and lasts until 10:15. Coffee and snacks are available in the foyer area immediately following the Bible Study/Sunday school hour. The Sunday Morning Worship Service begins at 10:30 and is generally over by 11:40 A.M. The Sunday evening service begins at 6 P.M. and concludes by 7.

Will I be pointed out?

We can't promise that you'll be ignored--in fact, some people will probably want to meet you and may ask your name before or after the service. We may also ask you to fill out a welcome card, but we won't point you out or ask you to stand.

What kind of music do you use?

At Faith Baptist Church, we purposely choose to offer God traditional worship, both in music and in format. A song leader is assisted by a piano and keyboard, and we have a small orchestra which often plays along with Sunday morning congregational singing. During services, you may hear an occasional “amen” after a musical number. This is our way of showing agreement with the song’s message. We understand that musical numbers in other settings often expect and/or receive applause, so if applause accidentally happens we’re all okay! However, our musicians will feel more as though they’ve accomplished their goal if they hear an “amen” rather than applause.

We'd love to have you join us for a service!

Our regular Sunday schedule is as follows:

9:30 A.M. Sunday School & Adult Bible Study

10:15 A.M. Coffee in the foyer

10:30 A.M. Worship Service

6 P.M. Worship Service

            Bible Bandanas September - April

            ESL on select Sundays

Wednesday evening prayer and Bible study is at 7:00.