Our Pastor

  • Troy L. Lohmeyer

    Senior Pastor

    Pastor Troy became our pastor April 1, 2022--no fooling! He's been a pastor and a teacher and has lived in the Southwest, the Northwest, and the Midwest. He was born in Minnesota, however, so he's back home. He has several degrees, but degrees don't guarantee truth; ultimately, the standard to which words must be judged is the truth of God's Word. Pastor Troy takes the study, interpretation, and communication of the Word of God very seriously. Ask him anything about the Bible--because if he doesn't have an answer, he has another excuse to study! Pastor Troy has been married to Sylvia for 35 years. Together they have seen God work through difficult times and easy ones.  Over and over, everywhere and always, they’ve witnessed the amazing power of God’s Word. When those who hear it also follow it, God is glorified. They desire to glorify him. God has blessed them with 2 wonderful adult children who also love God.